Canterbury Grasslands Ltd

Client:                          Simon Van Der Hayden & Shaun Miers

Plant Size:                   70

Upgrade Type:           Smart ECR's with Autostart, Bail Gate Straps


​Morrison Agri retrofitted their Waikato Milking Systems Smart ECR's and Bail Gates Straps onto this non Waikato plant and platform.

This shed presented some unique challenges as the original setup was only a half bail, which meant an extension was added and a new rolled top rail was run the entire way around the platform. This engineering part of the upgrade was completed before any cup remover install work could get underway.

A lot of work went in behind the scenes to ensure that this modification was both pleasing on the eye and didn't impact on the cup remover and shed operation.

This install was completed between milkings with great cooperation from farm staff. This system is now up and running and everyone is pleased with the end result. 


Simon Van Der Hayden says "Morrison Agri had a competitive price, efficient, timely installation and good service. They planned to ensure that the job was going to achieve what it is set out to do".