Dairy Minder


Why bother with Dairy Minder?


We recognise that you are busy balancing all the needs of your farming operation. The Dairy Minder program is a preventative maintenance plan which allows us to visit the shed on a regular basis and carry out regular maintenance work which prevents bigger problems from happening down the track.

We regard this type of scheduled maintenance as adding value to your business simply because it enables you to minimise the risk of your shed being disabled due to breakdown or wear and tear of equipment. Knowing that your assets are being cared for and being aware of the needs of your shed, will give you peace of mind and reduce an area of stress and difficulty.

To discuss with us your needs and what you want included in your program either call Rob on 027 645 5466

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— Sheldon Price


         It's a great one person dairy enabling one person to comfortably milk 820 cows. The layout is simple and the dairy is simple and efficient to use. We've only worked in it for half a season but the dairy has performed well with a minimum of maintenance.